Carnival Rehearsals

The Carnival Rehearsals project heats up the revelers of Pernambuco for the parade of the Galo da Madrugada. Commanded by André Rio and Bloco das Ilusões, the party presents a mixture of rhythms, with frevos, maracatus, caboclinhos and shows of special guests.
In addition, the Bloco das Ilusões presents marchinhas and frevos de blocos, besides counting on the presence of some special guests.

Names such as Almir Rouche, Erica Natuza, Silvério Pessoa, Flaira Ferro and Josildo Sá have already passed through the event.
The “Carnival Rehearsals” project completed 12 years of success in 2019 and has been held at the headquarters of the world’s largest block for almost 10 years.


Opening hours: Gates open from 5pm and presentation from 6pm*.
Place: Headquarters of Galo da Madrugada – Rua da Concórdia, 984, Bairro de São José – Recife-PE
Sales location: Galo da Madrugada and Sympla headquarters (
Information (81) 3224-2899 |
*Timetables subject to change.


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Galo Headquarters

R. da Concórdia, 984,
São José - PE


81. 3224-2899