Cockpit Polo Rooster

The Gaul da Madrugada was able to stage a marketable box, the Cockpit of the Cock, which for the first time in 2019 sold individual tickets. Our space has OPEN BAR, OPEN FOOD, customization and beauty space. In addition to all the structure to meet the most diverse needs of the party, such as civil firemen and bathrooms.

Our location is also privileged. The structure is set up in front of the Sérgio Loreto Square, at Polo do Galo, in the best area of ​​the circuit (the only place where the trios stop, easier to get to and to leave and artists pass close to the cabin, which guarantees the best vision).

Our space has two modalities (PRICES 2019):
1st Floor – Single – R $ 300.00 (1st LOT). BUY ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE.
Face-to-face sales at Ticket Folia’s kiosks or at the Headquarters of Galo da Madrugada.

2nd Floor – Private Cabin for 20 people – R $ 8,000.00 (1st LOT).
Only face-to-face sales at the Galo da Madrugada Headquarters, at Rua da Concórdia, 984, São José.
INFORMATION: (81) 3224-2899 |


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