First time on Galo?

“I’m going to enjoy Galo da Madrugada in the  carnival for the first time. What do I need to know? “

The revelers are our greatest asset and also make our show | Galo da Madrugada Collection

Date: Saturday of Zé Pereira (March 02, 2019)
Starting time: 9am
Where are you going? CLICK HERE to see the complete route of the Galo
Number of trios: 30 (approximate number subject to change)

Is it necessary to buy shirt or abada?

No. The Galo da Madrugada is carnival participation and creativity. Wear the clothes or fantasy that you feel better and come to be part of the crowd that accompanies the largest carnival group on the planet! Every year we make an official shirt. The purchase is optional and can be made in our headquarters and also in accredited stores and on the Internet.

Find out more about selling the official shirt and other products from our store: CLICK HERE

Dressed up or not, the rule is one: Enjoy! | Galo da Madrugada Collection

Is there an isolation rope?

No. The Galo da Madrugada has the most democratic carnival in the world, which unites revelers from different cultures, regions, classes and creeds. Our carnival is a street carnival and everyone is part of it and is invited to participate in this explosion of joy. After all, the Galo is from everyone and for everyone!

Does the Galo have private cabins?

Yes, along the way there are several private cabins, but the Galo da Madrugada only has one marketable cabins: the POLO DO GALO. Our space has OPEN BAR, OPEN FOOD, Customization, Beauty Space and Wi-fi. There are services offered to to meet the most diverse needs of the reveler, such as civilian firefighters and bathrooms. Our location is also privileged. The structure is set up in front of Praça Sérgio Loreto, at the Polo do Galo, in the best area of the circuit (the only place where the trios stop, easier to get there and get out and besides, the artists pass very close to the cabin, which ensures the best view).

Our space has two modalities:
1st Floor – Individual –  (1st LOT). BUY ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE.
Face-to-face sales at Ticket Folia kiosks or at Galo da Madrugada headquarters.

2nd Floor – Private Cabin for 20 people –  (1st LOT).
Only face-to-face sales at the Headquarters of Galo da Madrugada, at Rua da Concórdia, 984, São José.
INFORMATION: (81) 3224-2899 |

The Galo parades only once a year?

Yes, the traditional parade of the Galo da Madrugada always takes place on Saturdays in Zé-Pereira (first official day of Carnival), from 9 am.

What do I need to participate in the Galo?

A lot of creativity, joy and especially energy. Sun protection, light clothing, proper nutrition and being well hydrated are some tips that ensure better well-being to withstand the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Come sing, dance, jump and break through the streets of downtown Recife.


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