Forrozão do Galo

The month of July is marked by the traditional June festivities in the Northeast. Much celebrated in the interior of Pernambuco, São João do Nordeste is synonymous of tradition and culture. Mostly played in the interior of the state, the celebration did not reach the capital of Pernambuco. Feeling this need, the Galo da Madrugada created the Forrozão do Galo, reaffirming its mission to bring joy and culture to the population, in a democratic and accessible way.

Created in 2008, Forrozão do Galo holds two days of free parties at Polo do Galo – a region that consists of Praça Sérgio Loreto and stretches of Avenida Dantas Barreto, Sul and Rua da Concórdia – with stage structure, trios eletréticos, scenographic city and much more. The event, which receives about 50 thousand people in each one of its days, has already received great artists such as Elba Ramalho, Joelma, Josildo Sá, Amigos Sertanejos, among others. Celebrating its 11th edition in 2019, the event is a great showcase of Northeastern culture and is the main June event in Recife that opens the festivities in Pernambuco.

Since 2018, Forrozão do Galo has had decentralized Cultural Poles that bring content focused on popular presentations traditionally celebrated in São João do Nordeste, such as the June parade, which give the air of a “party of the interior” to downtown Recife.

The event also grants accessibility structures such as access ramps, accessible bathrooms, spaces free of barriers that prevent access to equipment for the disabled or make the path unsafe or dangerous. Forrozão also provides a place with priority access reserved for wheelchair users and people with special needs, which has a service of audio description and translation of Libras.
Forrozão do Galo also promotes income-generating activities by providing tents (Gastronomic Pole) and subsidized drinks for residents of the communities neighboring the headquarters. In these spaces, families can sell their products and make a profit from sales.
Also in the area of social responsibility, Forrozão do Galo promotes the sustainability of the region, focusing on selective collection and the generation of temporary job vacancies for local professionals and artists.

Trios’ Trajectory

Traditionally, the party has some electric trios, which travel along Avenida Dantas Barreto, towards the Polo do Galo. The concentration takes place in front of the San Rafael Building (Dantas Barreto), passing through the Sérgio Loreto Square and dispersing after a pause in the courtyard where the stage of the event is located.


In 2019 the event celebrates its 11th edition and takes place on May 31 and June 1, starting at 19h.


June Parade

Place: Dantas Barreto Avenue
Distance: 2 km
June parade to commemorate the celebration of the corn planting and harvesting cliché, with reference to the four Catholic saints (Saint Joseph, Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter), accompanied by various groups of popular culture and regional folklore: Bacamarte, flags (St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. John’s Star, Andor of St. John, Illuminated Balloons, Xaxado Groups, Giant Dolls, Allegorical Car with Folk Figures, Quadrilha Junina and trio eletricos.

Children’s Polo of Dances – Presentations of dances, exhibitions of children’s June gangs, four gangs per night. Children’s junior gang cultural competition.

Gastronomic Pole – Commercialization of typical foods of the northeastern June parties.

Polo of the Arts – Exposition of the scenographic village (Ex. scenographic fire, balloons, Church, Houses, Bodega, cartomante, decorated bandstand), Juninas games (Ex. Kissing tent, Shooting the target, Fishing, Argola, etc).

Polo of Forró – Forró presentations with national and regional attractions

Polo Roots /Instrumental – Cultural presentations: Coconut, Repente, Embolada, Ciranda and Cordel Reading (poetry); Forró musical presentations exclusively instrumental (Baião, Xote, Xaxado) with participation of dancers to interact with the public. With four performances per night.

*São João – The day of Saint John the Baptist is celebrated on June 24 by Christians from all over the world. But in Brazil, this day is widely celebrated. This celebration, added to the day of Saint Anthony and Saint Peter, gave rise to the June festivals, extremely traditional in the northeast of Brazil.
In São João do Nordeste there are always typical regional delicacies such as rapadura, pé de moleque, corn, pamonha, canjica, among others, and they have very particular music and traditions. They are widely celebrated in the cities of the interior.


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